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Pop art colors!

That's me!

a second dimension!

a second life!

Statuen mit fluoriszierender Farbe

A new perspective - not just on the canvas

Amazing effects!

Immerse yourself in a new world!

Quote Tina Reichel: "I'm obsessed with colors!"

Bunte Bilder mit fluoriszierenden Farben

Architecture completely different - brand new!

Buntes Bild von Flaschen mit fluoriszierenden Farben

Can it be champagne too?

gaudy 3D effects!

My Studio!

My Cocoons...

Color wherever you look

My paintings are LOUD my sculptures are LOUD

My passion are colors and effects!


Tina Reichel

Buntes Bild mit fluoriszierenden Farben


All pictures were created with fluorescent special paint.

As soon as twilight sets in and the images are illuminated with UV light,

begins the 2nd life of works.


A new view, a particularly deep and previously unseen detail emerges and pampers the eye and the mind.

Picture >Synergien< &

Cocoon Porsche 8K

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