"It's always about color."


Tina Reichel comes from Erfurt and has meanwhile found a second home in the art city of Düsseldorf.

But the Thuringian capital is and will continue to be a central location for them.


Erfurt is your haven of peace, your ultimate point of identification. For many years the great-great-granddaughter of the Saalfeld painter Carl Altenburg was traveling around the globe. As sales director for a hotel group, she traveled to metropolises such as London, Moscow and Dubai - where she finally found the motifs for her paintings.


Sketch pads and pens have been an integral part of her hand luggage ever since, and in her studio she works with fluorescent acrylic paints on canvas or wood.

Tina Reichel has been concentrating entirely on painting for many years, and she is undoubtedly inspired by her previous job when choosing a subject.

It is the architectural landmarks of international metropolises that she captures in her typical gesture. Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building or Burj Kalifa appear in a very special light, as do the Colosseum, Notre Dame - or the Erfurt Cathedral.


In addition, she uses movement as motifs, as can be seen in her “Movement” series. “In any case, I am interested in the subject of color.


It dominates every one of my paintings and sculptures, ”emphasizes the artist. Their architectures and bodies, staged in a frenzy of colors, enjoy great popularity, not least in hotels around the world. Accordingly, the pictures can be found in Berlin, New York, Moscow and Dubai, among others.